Praise for The Sound Bite Society:

"SOUND BITE is an intellectual bungie jump off a suspension bridge. It's a bold, fresh, creative, thought-provoking book ..."

“This is the most searching book I have seen on television’s assault on our individual psyches and our society. Scheuer emerges as not only a first-rank scholar of the media but a philosopher of the media.”

- Daniel Schorr, Senior Analyst - National Public Radio

“This is a thoughtful, in many ways amazing book. I thought it was impossible to say anything new about how to think about television until I read Jeffrey Scheuer’s provocative meditation. Part polemic, part brief for an intriguing thesis about media and the left (that I’m not sure I buy) and part rainbow of dazzling insights, no student of the media can afford not to read this book and no serious watcher of television will want to miss it.”

-Victor Navasky, Publisher and Editorial Director, The Nation

“Insightful …a striking and profound critique of television … a truly masterful treatment … excellent and well worth all the critical praise it has received. Scheuer has the rare ability to blend difficult analytic and theoretical content with an inspiring and rhythmic literary style. The result …is a book that is philosophically rich, culturally enlightening, and a joy to read.”

-Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 2001

Awards bestowed on The Sound Bite Society:

  • Selected as “OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE” by Choice, The Journal of Research Libraries.
  • Named one of ten BEST NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2000 BY BookLovers Review.
  • Named “BOOK OF THE YEAR” for 2000 by

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