Book Reviews

Jeff Scheuer has written more than seventy-five book reviews for daily newspapers including The New York Times Book Review (briefs), Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Kansas City Times, Houston Chronicle, Atlanta Constitution, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Newsday, Quincy Patriot-Ledger, The Christian Science Monitor, and also for Dissent and The New England Review.


Also: Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Constitution, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Houston Post, Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald, Newsday, Oregonian, Minneapolis Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, et al. Reprint: The Congressional Record.

Finding the real identity beneath the apparent contradiction and differentiation, and finding the substantial diversity beneath the apparent identity, is the most delicate, misunderstood and yet essentail endowment of the critic of ideas and the historian.    - Antonio Gramsci